Grace Life Mission

"The Place Where Eagles Learn to Fly"



At Grace Life Mission, Jesus Christ is the LORD of lords and King of all kings, savior and redeemer of all man kind.


Our main goal is to preach the life changing word of God to all age groups, societies, tribes and world wide.

Teaching people the ways of God, reading the word of God, seeking God, living in righteousness, and becoming Christ ambassadors in our communities.

Planting Churches and equipping saints to serve God, through all possible means. 

The overall goal is to reach out and use the word of God to touch the whole body, soul, and mind of of all people worldwide.

Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ through all possible means worldwide.

Restoring people in the Grace of God while embarking on Righteousness living.

Planting Churches and mentoring Church leaders who are filled and guided by the Holy Spirit.

Initiating developmental projects and programs to enhance physical and spiritual development of Christians.         


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2019 A YEAR OF OPEN DOORS. (Acts 12:1-17)